What I'm up to right now

What is this?

This is a now page.

It is basically an ever-changing about page where I talk about what I'm up to right now.

This page was inspired by nownownow.

When exactly is now?

This was last edited on 2020-12-29 11:30 PM, and the content of this page will be relevant until I decide to update it.

So, what are you up to?

These are what I would talk about, if you were to ask me what's up.

In no particular order of importance :

  • Still working from home. Trying to stay sane.

  • Started using dendron for knowledge management. It's a slow start as I have been neglecting my mental garden my entire life but I have a good feeling that this is what will stick with me for at least a good while.

    • I am publishing my notes here to facilitate easy sharing and thinking out loud / working with the garage door open
  • Coincidentally, dendron is the first open source project I felt like it was worth participating. I started working on my first contribution, and I'm squeezing out time to explore the codebase and toolings. It is built on top of VSCode using typescript, both of which are way out of my comfort zone. Again, slow start but I plan to keep pushing.

  • With the power of dendron, I plan to lay out what I want to acheive in the near future (next year):

    • Accidental Contraptions, which is an art project I started 4-5 years ago and barely progressed, should start getting some actions. I plan on adding a few more artwork to the project and run a small batch of prints. I gave myself until the end of Q1 2021 to make this happen.
    • Making music is something I've been slowly working towards, but it got sidetracked with another deep hole that is DIY synths. I plan to spend more time learning how to use what I already have while I keep building synths and learn more deeply about electronics in general.