What I'm up to right now

This page was inspired by nownownow.

When is now?

This was last edited on 2023-05-15, and the content of this page will be relevant until I decide to update it.

What are you up to?

In no particular order of importance :

I have not updated this page in like 3 years... ironic

After years of pushing it aside, I gave into Rust and giving it a try. Pleasantly surprised with it so far. There's nothing like this out there that I know of.

Been practicing tennis, running, lifting weights. etc. Generally trying to be physically active. I realized I just have too much energy left that has to be depleted for me to fall asleep.

Updating this page just reminded me how much I enjoyed art and music and all that. Using my two hands to create something that is tangible is something that I have not been doing for a good while. Maybe I'll get back to them in the near future.

This website is also horribly outdated in terms of web technology. Nothing wrong with that, but I probably have a way better grasp at it compared to when I first spun up this website. I might spend some time polishing this up (or even making it simpler) soon.