During the night

What do you do in your free time?

I am always looking for new things.

First, a typical generic response: I spend a good amount of time cooking healthy and tasty meals, go out for a jog, lift weights, play tennis... The list goes on.

Longer: I am a bit of a generalist in terms of interest, so it's really hard to lay them all out in a page. Instead, I'm keeping a now page updated with up-to-date interests.

I can say that I've had an affinity to creative and artistic activities, and a generalist mindset led me to try all sorts of medium and consume a lot of information regarding these topics. Some I haven't even tried but just sat down and passively consumed information about them.

A drawing of mine (more about this here) accidentally led me to discovering making music (with modular synthesizers) as an interest, and that has been occupying my head as well.

After picking up that interest, I realized it is a very expensive hobby. This led me to pick up basic electronics, which enabled me to DIY a lot of my synthesizers to shave off a little bit of the cost.

This is just a slice of what I am doing with my time, but the point is that one thing leads to another, like a stream of consciousness.

At this moment it is very likely that I'll be interested in something completely different than what I've described above right now, but one constant here is that I'm constantly learning and trying new stuff.