During the day

Resumé and CV

Check out my resumé for a short sumamry of my professional careers and skillsets.

check out my curriculum vitae if you want a more comprehensive overview.

What currently keeps me alive

I am a software engineer based in Seoul, South Korea.

I have been part of the Dendron team since 2021, which is a personal knowledge management tool that lives inside VSCode!

Dendron leverages hierarchies and schemas (and many other awesome features) that enables you to organize notes in a structured way.

If you are an avid note-taker / second brain enthusiast / have to deal with too much information and don't know how to manage and retrieve them, you should give it a shot.

Building tools that I need

Outside of my regular employment, I aim to develop software that complements and enhances my own interests, as I believe that is the easiest and surefire way to pour your passion into it.

My interests are multi-faceted. What fires my neurons are art, music, and anything that is hands-on and creative.

This little corner of the Internet is the place where I will do my best to showcase my interests and my tools as I build up my shop.