During the day

Resumé and CV

Check out my resumé for a short sumamry of my professional careers and skillsets.

check out my curriculum vitae if you want a more comprehensive overview.

What currently keeps me alive

I am a software engineer based in Seoul, South Korea.

I currently work in the prop-tech industry, building the backend of services that utilize publicly available real estate data to offer insights about the market.

These datasets describes every aspect of a piece of real estate from how and when it was built, to what material it was used, and how it is used.

Me and my team work to find inconsistencies in these data and make sense of them, keep them up-to-date, and process them into meaningful bits that can then be analyzed to give us insights about trends in the real estate market.

On top of these insights, we also build services that can help home owners and real estate related businesses.

Building tools that I need

Outside of my regular employment, I aim to develop software that complements and enhances my own interests, as I believe that is the easiest and surefire way to pour your passion into it.

My interests are multi-faceted. What fires my neurons are art, music, and anything that is hands-on and creative.

This little corner of the Internet is the place where I will do my best to showcase my interests and my tools as I build up my shop.